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2021-11-24: New Bonus Website for You!
Just wanna let you know we added a new site to our already huge network for a total of 41 sites! A naughty girl next door who is into all sorts of fetishes! Go check out ! It's free! She is also doing one free camshow per month right here on VNA for you so do not miss it!
Roxie Rae Fetish Queen

2021-11-15: New Bonus Website for You!
Hey everyone! We just added a new site to our already huge network for a total of 40 sites! Welcome Pornstar Diva, Kayla Paige! Go check out ! It's free for members so don't miss it!
Kayla Paige

2020-10-30: New Video Added: Tease and Denial JOI
You are in for a treat as I show off my beautiful lingerie complete with stockings and stilettos, and actually allow you to play with your cock and balls today. I give you very specific instructions with dirty talk so be a good boy and do as you are told, or else I will put you back in your chastity cage!

2020-10-27: New Video Added: Foot Worship JOI In Open Butt Girdle
You can't resist my long legs and high arches as I dangle my high heels, teasing you with my pointed toes and making you beg to suck them. You want to worship my feet, my long legs and juicy ass while stroking your cock and begging to cum. I'll give you a countdown as I make you pump your cock and make a worship squirt on my stocking covered nylon feet.

2020-10-02: New Video Added: Cat Scratch Fever
Catwoman has just robbed the Gotham Natural History museum and gotten away with the only known krypto diamond in existence. She plans to bring down Supergirl with it and make her a slave. Now Batgirl, the naive do gooder that she is, has tracked the feisty feline down to her hide out. Always prepared for intrusions of the superheroine variety, Catwoman is quick to release her claws and scratch the bat, releasing neuro toxin into her system immediately. Batgirl goes weak, completely unable to fight back and vulnerable to the whims of Catwoman. The fiend wastes no time humiliating the bumbling bat and fondles her tits, licks her lips and rips open her costume to expose Batgirl's pussy. She then grabs the bat's head and guides it down to her own clit, making masked hero pleasure her. As if this isn't humiliating enough she then bends the heroine over and fucks her with a strap-on, making Batgirl moan in pleasure despite her predicament.

Includes: Kendra James, Evelin Stone, superheroines, cosplay, costumes, peril, freeze, pussy licking, oral sex, lesbian domination, strap on, dildo fucking, ripped pantyhose, orgasms, humiliation, female control, super villains, mind control

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2020-07-17: New Video Added: Chastity Tease and Denial
I love the feel of skin tight latex hugging my body. It feels slick and wet and shows every curve. You love the way it looks too and I know your cock is standing at attention already as you beg to worship every inch of me in slick rubber. Do you want to slide your tongue across my shiny latex? Do you want to lap up all the sweat dripping down my legs as you pump your cock and squirt cum on my latex covered ass? I bet you do. Too bad I'm going to put you into chastity and tease you mercilessly instead. My pussy is as slick and wet as my latex and I'm going to slide my fingers over my clit as you beg to be released from your chastity to cum when I do. 
Includes: femdom, chastity, masturbation, joi, tease and denial, latex tease, pussy tease, dirty talk, female domination, orgasm control, ass worship, latex worship, pussy worship 

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2020-07-15: New Video Added: Latex Stockings and Bondage
Have you ever wanted to tie up a mistress? I'm very dominant most of the time these days, but every so often I just want to be tied up and forced to cum, which is exactly what Jim Weathers has done to me today. I'm dressed in skin tight latex stockings, panties and an open cup bra with my sensitive nipples so exposed as Jim wraps rope around my ankles, knees, wrists and secures a chest harness. All I can do is roll around and struggle at the mercy of the ropes, a big ball gag shoved in my mouth to make me drool all over myself. Before long Jim ties a hitachi between my legs directly on my clit to make me squirm as orgasm after orgasm hits me. It seems I'm squirming too much and he adjusts the ropes and modifies the tie to be more strict so there's no escaping the vibrator. I'm drooling and screaming and cumming so hard I don't even know when one orgasm stops and another begins!

Includes: Kendra James, Jim Weathers, Bondage cafe, bondage, rope bondage, forced orgasm, orgasm control, ball gag, drool, struggling, damsel in distress, hogtie

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2020-07-10: New Video Added: Wonder Woman Falls For Ivy
As Poison Ivy is lounging in her lair plotting her next devious heist, Wonder Woman bursts in and threatens to take the poisonous plant to Arkham. Ivy simply laughs and sprays the newest seduction serum concoction in her face rendering the superheroine helpless. The Amazon's eyes flutter and she falls back limp. Ivy takes the opportunity to fondle the heroine's weakened body, running her hands over the Amazon's breast and between her legs before removing her boots and sniffing her feet. When Wonder Woman finally comes to, she's tied up with the villainess's indestructible vine ropes and completely unable to struggle free. Poison Ivy yanks down the heroine's top, exposing her supple tits before teasing her tight pussy with a vibrator thus further humiliating the amazon princess. Wonder Woman resists, but the seduction spray soon takes over and before long she's under Ivy's control and begging for an orgasm.

Includes: Kendra James, MJ Fresh, cosplay, costumes, superheroine, super villain, tights, corset, boots, embarrassed female, mesmerize, mind control, forced orgasm, orgasm control, lesbian domination, bondage, struggling, nipple licking, peril, parody, Gotham, metropolis, humiliation

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2020-06-17: New Video Added: A slave to Ivy
When Catwoman looted your house a few nights ago she caught a glimpse of your massive member as you rested. She was so impressed with the size of your cock that she had to tell Poison Ivy. Of course the villainous plant was so curious she had to go check for herself and now you find yourself waking up face to face with Ivy herself. She's decided to have a little fun with you and puts you into a deeply mesmerized state. You're going to stroke your cock for her and show her just how big you can get. As your dick gets bigger and harder and you become more mindless, Ivy gets so turned on she can't help but slip a hand inside her costume and rub her juicy wet pussy. Her panties come off and she slides her fingers inside fingering her pussy and teasing you mercilessly. This makes you fall deeper under her control and even more horny for her. Ivy thrusts her slippery wet pussy in your face encouraging you to cum and when you do you'll be her mindless minion sex slave forever.
Includes: Kendra James, superheroine, cosplay, costume, femdom, jerk off instruction, jerk off encouragement, masturbation instruction, solo masturbation, finger fucking, tease and denial, mesmerize, erotic magic, magic control, joi, female domination
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2020-06-12: New Video Added: Pantyhose addiction-therapy

You've been seeing me for your pantyhose addiction for quite some time now and although you've made a bit of progress I think hyppno-therapy is going to cause a real break through. Let yourself sink under, get lost in my voice and focus on my words. Listen to the sound my pantyhose covered legs make as I rub them together. Woosh, woosh, woosh. That sound excites you, sends tingles down your spine and creates an instant erection. I'm not going to cure you of your addiction, I'm going to reinforce it. You'll have the overwhelming desire to see me everyday, to worship my long nylon covered legs and stroke at the mere thought of my stockings. I want you to focus on my legs and stroke further strengthening my power over you. This orgasm will seal your fate and make you my mindless pantyhose pumper forever.
Includes: Kendra James, Mistress Kendra, femdom, female domination, mesmerize, joi, cum countdown, mind fuck, pantyhose, pantyhose domination, tease and denial
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2020-06-10: New Video Added: Kendra's first sybian ride
A fan sent me a lovely gift during quarantine - a sybian! It's basically a giant riding vibrator that makes you squirt like crazy. Join me in my first ever sybian ride as I strip out of my micro bikini and mount the vibrator. It has so many speeds and settings and I take my time playing with them, turning it up so high I think I'll explode before turing it back down to tease myself. In the end I cum hard over and over and even squirt twice.

Includes: Kendra James, masturbation, strip tease, self forced orgasm, tease and denial, squirting, orgasms, dirty talk, pussy play, pussy tease, micro bikini

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2020-06-09: New Video Added:

2020-04-08: New Gallery Added: Steamy in latex
Watch me roll around in a seedy hotel room in sexy black latex and transparent stockings. Shot by Bob Coulter

2020-04-01: New Video Added: Mistress Kendra's desperate toe sucker
All I have to do is dangle my elegant Louboutin heel in front of your face and you become helpless and desperate for me. The curve of my arch underneath the delicate heel is just too much for you to resist and your cock is already standing at attention. Stroke as beg to taste my perfect stocking covered feet and maybe I'll even allow you an orgasm with my toes tempting you just mere inches from your face. Includes: Kendra James, foot fetish, femdom, lingerie, stockings, garters, foot worship, joi, jerk off instruction, foot tease

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2020-03-28: New Video Added: Miss Divine and the lawyer
Miss Divine welcomes her new lawyer Dixie Lynn into her home. She's hired the lawyer under the guise of drafting a new contract for her company, but really the seductress intends to mesmerize the pretty young blonde and turn her into her new lesbian plaything. After Dixie mentions her new husband and shows off her ring, Miss Divine begins to divert her attention to the amulet around her long neck, making Dixie focus on it and drawing her into its mesmerizing powers. Soon the lawyer is completely under her magic spell and Mistress Divine seduces and instructs her int the art of oral sex. She's going to turn the blonde into the perfect lesbian slut, adept at pussy licking and strap on fucking and making sure she never wants to fuck men again. The mesmerized Dixie follows all of her instructions and even begs to be fucked which Mistress does happily. Miss Divine uses the perfect point of her high heel to rub Dixie's clit before fucking her pussy with the heel. The blonde moans and shudders with an orgasm before Mistress Divine pulls out her strap on the slide even deeper into her wet pussy. Dixie is her new little lesbian slut.
Includes: Kendra James, Mistress Kendra, Dixie Lynn, lesbian domination, magic control, mesmerize, erotic magic, mind control, girl-girl, pussy licking, strap on sex, strap on sucking, shoe fucking, high heel fucking, high heel worship, foot worship, magic amulet, female control, woman following orders
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2020-03-26: New Video Added: Cock Tease
Carmen Valentina and I are in bed together talking about your cock. Don't you wish you could be here with us? We encourage you to stroke your nice hard dick, pump it up and down for us as we tease you with our perfect tits and tell you just how to cum. Do you think you can hold out? When we give the countdown you're going to explode with sticky white jizz everywhere!
Includes: Kendra James, Carmen Valentina, joi, jerk off instruction, masturbation encouragement, tease, cum countdown, orgasm control, sensual domination

2020-02-28: New Gallery Added: Kendra and Anastasia tag team Randy Moore
Girls just want to have fun and me and Anastasia definitely have fun playing with hot bondage slut Randy Moore! We tie her up and use a vibrator on her clit before sliding a strap on in her ass.

2020-02-28: New Gallery Added: Lace teddy tease
Dressed in a sexy lace teddy and tempting you with a naughty smile.

2020-02-26: New Video Added: Reagan Lush Tied and Tit Tortured 2
Reagan Lush is bound to a cross, her big tits exposed and her pussy vulnerable. Kendra licks and teases her sensitive nipples, making them perky and getting Reagan wet. As she moans in pleasure and pain Kendra slips her hand between Reagan's legs to finger her juicy pussy. The bound and helpless blonde begs for an orgasm and Kendra teases her with a hitachi making Reagan's clit throb. Mistress Kendra teases her mercilessly, pinching her hard nipples and vibrating her wet cunt. Every time Reagan gets close to an orgasm Kendra pulls the vibrator away making her want it even more. Finally Kendra lets Reagan cum in an explosive orgasm!

includes: Kendra James, Reagan Lush, bondage, nipple play, nipple torture, lesbian domination, forced orgasm, orgasm control, nipple clamps, hitachi, bdsm, blonde, redhead, tease and denial, orgasm denial, femdom, female domination, humiliation

2020-02-21: New Video Added: Batwoman, a slave to feet
Angela Sommers has come home from work to find Batwoman tied up and partially naked on her couch. The crimson knight is gagged with her costume pulled down over her tits. If she's here then that must mean Angela has been robbed! A quick assessment of the house reveals her cash and jewellery are gone and the safe has been cleaned out. Her insurance doesn't kick in for another few days which means Angela is screwed! Maybe she can get her money back another way... she sets up a video camera and starts to record Batwoman in her most vulnerable state. The superheroine struggles and demands for Angela to turn off the camera immediately, but the angry brunette just laughs and reveals she plans to keep Batwoman tied up and tickle torture her for the world to see. This should put some cash in her pocket and help recoup what the blundering heroine made her lose. She props the bat's feet up and uses her long nails to tickle her mercilessly making Batwoman giggle and squirm. When she's finally had her fill of this, she makes Batwoman get on her knees and sucks her toes. The superheroine had better do a good job sucking because Angela has a nice big dildo to shove in her mouth next!

Includes: Kendra James, Angela Sommers, superheroines, peril, bondage, tickling, foot fetish, foot worship, toe sucking, feet, foot tickle, strap on fucking, dildo sucking, cosplay, costumes, gag, blackmail, bare feet, damsel in distress, parody, doggy style, laughing, humiliation, lesbian domination, femdom